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Precisely EnterWorks GDSN Connector

The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) connects certified data pools – like 1WorldSync and Syndigo – to the central GS1 Global Registry, which facilitates compliance with industry standards while maintaining the uniqueness of the data. However, many suppliers and manufacturers run into issues when publishing data into a pool, affecting retailers that depend on the GDSN. In both cases, organizations suffer from inconsistent, inaccurate, and ineffective product content that fails to reach customers in the right channels.

The EnterWorks Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solution provides companies with the tools they need to acquire, cleanse, and enrich product data prior to successfully publishing content to trading partners via GDSN.

EnterWorks GDSN benefits

  • Eliminate data silos and redundant 3rd-party components with a single, central repository of consistent, accurate, and up-to-date product content for GDSN.
  • Easily synchronize and enrich product content to facilitate a differentiated experience for customers.
  • Reduce IT intervention and eliminate manual tasks by automating best practices for collaborative management of data.

The EnterWorks GDSN Connector

The EnterWorks GDSN Connector offers a range of advanced, bi-directional data publishing and synchronization tools that extend the scope of the solution within the information supply chain. And it doesn’t require upgrades or specialized services with every GDSN release, reducing management and maintenance expenses. With EnterWorks’ end-to-end multi-domain MDM and PIM platform, users can tailor data syndication across thousands of retailers, utilize publish and subscribe capabilities, and connect to additional GDSN data pools.

The EnterWorks GDSN Connector supports GS1 standards and requirements through its existing core functions and features. Product content is validated, normalized, and approved upon import, and when changes are introduced, the solution uses workflows to impose the rules-based parameters necessary to perform that task. These workflows help ensure governed data on the supply side before publishing and on the demand side after receipt.

  • Empower business users with easy-to-use portals to automate product content synchronization and publication with trading partners and to channels in custom formats.
  • Improve data quality and data governance—while increasing efficiency— with configurable business rules to cleanse, normalize, and validate your data.

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EnterWorks - GDSN Connector