Solution Sheet

Precisely Data Integrity Suite for Data Mesh

Start building your data mesh architecture with the Precisely Data Integrity Suite.

Data mesh is a modern decentralized (or federated) architectural approach that allows organizations to make more timely and trusted data-driven decisions by empowering domain teams to create, organize, and maintain trusted data products for data users.

Data mesh is not a single solution or application, but a combination of data management components. Requirements of data mesh include self-service access to all critical data by domain experts, decentralized data governance, and a user friendly interface to discover, understand, and access approved data products.

With the distributed architecture of data mesh, decentralized data governance is a key priority to ensure compliance with privacy, security, and data policies – while being flexible enough to adapt to domain level requirements.

Data Integrity for Data Mesh: Preparing for a Modern Data Management Architecture

While a data mesh architecture requires a combination of data management solutions that work together, you can begin preparing for data mesh by prioritizing key requirements:

  • Domain Ownership: Empower domain experts to create, organize, and manage data products.
  • Access Domain Data: Deliver self-service access to all critical data by domain owners.
  • Decentralize Governance: Oversight of security, privacy, and compliance at the domain level.
  • Discover Data Products: Discover, understand, and access trusted data products on-demand.

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