Solution Sheet

Precisely Connect and Confluent

Accelerate data integration using real-time change data capture with Precisely Connect and Confluent

Many of today’s leading businesses are using Confluent, powered by Apache Kafka, to accelerate development of event-driven business applications and architectures. Data from the mainframe and IBM i systems that your business has relied on for years can supply a wealth of information to enhance your Confluent investment. However, capturing and integrating changes from these systems into Confluent is easier said than done. Instead of excluding these systems, you need a change data capture (CDC) solution that handles all the underlying complexities of your technology stack and seamlessly works with Confluent.

The Precisely Connect data integration solution gives your teams the ability to capture changes to data from complex traditional source systems and send them to Confluent. With Connect CDC, you can ensure all enterprise data is readable and accessible in Confluent for your business.

Unlock data for use in Confluent
Traditional systems like the mainframe and IBM i support critical business applications. That said, data from the mainframe and IBM i is not readily accessible for use in Confluent without extensive system knowledge, labor, and time.

Read more about how Precisely Connect can help you unlock data living in the mainframe and IBM i.

Accelerate data integration using real time change data capture with Precisely Connect and Confluent