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Precisely Automate Solutions for SAP Plant Maintenance

Your team’s job is to maximize plant, facilities, and fleet uptime, and minimize business disruption and health, safety, and environmental risks. This critical job is often done under the directive to “do more with less” even while maintaining an aging infrastructure.

If you use SAP’s Plant Maintenance (PM) module to run your operations, you face another set of challenges that can hamper your team’s ability to continually improve operations. Your SAP system is similar to a powerful, yet complex piece of equipment. For optimal performance, it must be fueled by high-quality data and maintained on a regular basis. But that’s easier said than done. Without the right set of tools, the ‘care and feeding’ of your system can be a manual, time-consuming and frustrating process. Failure to install the right filters can lead to the system getting clogged with inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent data-making it tough for your planners to make the best resource allocation decisions to improve operations.

The Precisely Automate platform provides a flexible toolkit that makes it faster and easier to give your SAP system the attention it needs, enabling you to improve data quality, save countless hours, and make better decisions. When your SAP PM machine is running at peak performance, your maintenance team can impact the metrics that matter the most-uptime, health and safety, and operational costs.

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Precisely Automate Solutions for SAP Plant Maintenance