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Precisely Automate - Solutions for Data Process Automation Across the Record to Report Process

It’s hard to imagine any corporate finance process that regularly faces greater scrutiny than your record-to-report (R2R) department. Timely, accurate reports are critical for the success of your company, and any hiccups caused by late reporting, bad data, or inefficient processes can significantly impact the public perception of a brand. However, to improve reporting with data process automation, you need to look at activities throughout the R2R process.

As we will show in this paper, the Precisely Automate software platform empowers your business users to improve processes across the R2R department without compromising their data or risking non-compliance. We will discuss how Precisely Automate enables you to increase the effectiveness of your R2R process through process automation and improved data management, including:

  • General ledger master data management
  • Automation of manual Journal entries
  • Simplified data extraction from SAP to Excel for Reconciliation
  • Faster processing of manual Closing activities
  • Workflows for review and approval of Reporting data
  • Audit and compliance

The Precisely Automate Software Platform and R2R Precisely Automate offers a comprehensive yet flexible environment for you to create solutions that meet the exact needs of your business today and in the future. By delivering a complete set of capabilities ranging from desktop automation to centralized workflow management, this platform gives you the perfect combination of data management and process automation to meet the ever-changing needs of your R2R process.

What does the Precisely Automate platform deliver?

A flexible, seamless platform that:

  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Improves data quality
  • Increases compliance and governance
  • Contributes to a faster close and better reporting

Read more and discover the benefits of better data management and process automation that fit the way your business works.

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