Solution Sheet

New Product Introduction Solution - For Manufacturing Companies

If you’re a manufacturer, you understand that your sector is undergoing profound change caused by shifting consumer demographics, disruptive business models, new technology, and small, agile market entrants. To survive in this new world you must deliver new products at unprecedented levels of speed and scale— and that can be challenging if you run your supply chain using an SAP® ERP system.

Our research has found that 75% of manufacturers are under pressure to speed up product launches, but the majority are still relying on slow, manual launch processes—threatening market share and profitability.

The Precisely Automate platform allows organizations to address this problem head-on with its New Product Introduction (NPI) solution—a modular product launch platform that digitizes the collection of SAP product data—accelerating launches while improving data quality.

In addition to streamlining the collection of SAP master data assets, Automate Evolve helps your organization manage all the critical tasks involved in launching a product—from setting up new materials or vendors to changing packaging.

Leading brands such as ConAgra and Pactiv have used Automate Evolve to decrease their NPI cycle time by 50% or greater, enabling them to accelerate revenue, scale new product delivery, and gain the organizational agility required to stay ahead in the new business landscape.

Streamline any launch type with one holistic solution

More than just software, Automate Evolve delivers a comprehensive solution that includes pre-built content, industry best practices, and expert professional services—all designed to help you rapidly transform all your launch processes.

This flexible solution enables you to digitize and streamline any launch variant from within the same solution, giving you the power to choose the type of launch process you want to execute, including new innovative products, line or geographic extensions, and component or packaging changes.

In addition to accelerating any product launch process, we provide a full range of data stewardship capabilities that enable you to implement your business rules and improve the quality of your product data.

Use Automate Evolve’s NPI solution to also manage other business-critical launch tasks such as artwork or collateral changes, to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks when it comes to launching a new product.

New Product Introduction Solution - For Manufacturing Companies