Solution Sheet

Modernizing Medicaid with Precisely

Harness the potential of mainframe Medicaid data to unlock new opportunities in the cloud.

Medicaid programs face the dual challenge of managing vast amounts of critical data while evolving to meet the dynamic needs of their beneficiaries. Mainframe systems, the backbone of many Medicaid operations, contain decades of invaluable data. However, these systems often operate in silos, hindering innovation and the seamless flow of information necessary for advanced analytics, decision-making, and program modernization.

Precisely stands at the forefront of solving this pivotal challenge with mainframe modernization. Our approach offers a pathway to harness the full potential of Medicaid data without compromising the security and reliability that mainframes provide. By replicating mainframe data to the cloud in near real time, Precisely breaks down the barriers that siloed systems create, unlocking new opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and service delivery.

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