Solution Sheet

Master Location Data

Processes that once required advanced spatial expertise are now simple. Most of your business data includes address information. With Master Location Data and the PreciselyID, you can infuse that data with the value-added information required for critical business decisions.

Locate competitive advantage

  • Validate and cleanse address data
  • Link it with different data sources through a unique address ID
  • Enrich it with new information about your customers, prospects, suppliers, partners, and stakeholders

This address point-level dataset includes virtually all mailable and non-mailable addresses. With highly precise geocoding, and a unique nine-pass process, this file culls and combines multiple point-level and street-level datasets to identify the most accurate location information with the most complete coverage.

Master Location Data benefits

Unparalleled matching

Reduce time-consuming exceptions and false positives.  Master Location Data provides the most complete coverage of addresses and the highest possible match rates, helping to provide the ultimate confidence in your location data.

Extreme precision

Our advanced spatial-data preparation process applies a rigorous multi-step algorithm to determine the most precise geographic point for each address. This algorithm and process are continuously and rigorously reviewed and then augmented as appropriate.

Extended value

The PrecisleyID is a unique and persistent identifier attached to every address record. This facilitates data enrichment and analysis for faster, more informed decision making. Extraordinary accuracy and precision minimizes costly spatial data processing errors. Our address adjustments only reflect changes to source data that improve confidence levels, ensuring the accuracy and stability of “persistent location”.

Master Location Data, Locate Competitive Advantage