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Manufacturing Product Lifecycle Management Success with Master Data Management

Managing the lifecycle of a product is a complicated process that requires high-quality data, along with a complete view of the data’s origins, authors, hierarchies, updates, and more. Because an integrated approach to data management is so crucial, organizations that depend on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) are increasingly turning to Product Master Data Management (MDM) to drive and deliver PLM objectives – and so much more.

End-to-end lifecycle support

MDM has transformed the way companies acquire, manage, and synchronize product information to deliver accurate, complete, and consistent views of content.  By leveraging an MDM solution, organizations can capture core product data during the entire development of a product so that it can be effectively manufactured, sold, and serviced.

The list of data involved is extensive and includes items like:

  • Product requirements
  • Bill of materials
  • 3D models
  • CAD drawings
  • Catalog updates
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Translations
  • Packaging specifics
  • Distribution details
  • Manuals
  • Compliance certificates

Through an MDM solution, a company can manage this data across a variety of domains and involve both internal users (such as marketing, sales, and support) and external users (such as designers, supply chain partners, distributors, and resellers) through inclusion in workflows and content portals.

With Product MDM, companies can synchronize product data, gain a better view into the commercialization of product development, achieve efficiency in PLM processes, and deliver improved business results

EnterWorks MDM capabilities for PLM

Combining Product MDM functionality with PLM processes can solve product data quality and management challenges through:

  • Automated workflow
  • Data management
  • Role-based UI
  • Data modeling
  • Data quality
  • Data integration

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