Solution Sheet

Managed HA/DR Services

Cost-Effective Managed HA/DR Services

Precisely’s Managed HA/DR Services provide a cost-effective way to focus your IBM i administrators on business priorities by outsourcing the monitoring, management and maintenance of your Precisely high availability and disaster recovery solutions. This allows you to take advantage of decades of experience and expertise in those complex, specialized areas, while reducing your internal training costs.

To deliver data and application switch readiness and resiliency, Precisely offers a range of managed services offerings for our high availability and disaster recovery products.

Download this brochure to review the four levels of Managed HA/DR Services available as well as add-on services and customization to tailor the service to your specific needs.

Value. Delivered.

  • Safeguard the availability of your data and applications
  • Prevent lapses in your disaster recovery and high availability protection
  • Rest assured that your Precisely solution is managed on a day to day basis by HA/DR experts
  • Receive timely, professional reports suitable for both the CIO and systems administrator
  • Fill skills gaps or address peak labor requirements without adding headcount
  • Free your staff to focus on your business priorities
  • Choose just the set of managed services to meet your needs
  • Budget contracted services as an operational expense
  • Make costs more predictable
  • Stay current with technologies and best practices

Managed HA/DR Services are available at four different levels—bronze, silver, gold or platinum. You can choose the package of services that best suits your needs, without buying more than you need.

Managed HA/DR Services for IBM i can help you improve the availability of your data and applications, without distracting from your business focus and without draining internal resources.

Precisely also offers Managed Security Services for IBM I to help you provide optimal security against ever-evolving security threats and rapidly changing best practices. Let our professional services experts handle the monitoring, optimization, software updates and testing of your Precisely high availability and security solutions so your staff can focus on other IT priorities.

Managed HA/DR Services