Solution Sheet

Ironstream for Microsoft® System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)

Seamlessly integrate IBM i and mainframe data into Microsoft SCOM with Ironstream for Microsoft SCOM

Extend Microsoft SCOM to include IBM Mainframe and IBM i Environments
Today’s competitive business landscape demands that organizations have a consolidated view of IT operations for proactive IT management. They need to optimize infrastructure to reduce costs, improve application availability, enhance service delivery, and see an immediate return on their investment in the tools they choose.

Achieving these objectives requires a complete picture of the enterprise. They need a single effective management interface that supports their entire computing infrastructure.

Companies that are using Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) have a potential blind spot in their IT picture. IBM mainframe and IBM i systems are not managed by default. In order to get the 360 view they need, they need to have these mission-critical systems included in this view. Ironstream works seamlessly with Microsoft SCOM to integrate event and system performance data and monitor the status and health of these traditional IBM systems and their standard applications.

As a tightly integrated component of Microsoft SCOM, Ironstream provides IT Operations staff the ability to take immediate corrective action, based upon the centrally deployed policies for important or critical messages and events.


  • True end-to-end enterprise IT operations management
  • Visibility into the status and health of the IBM systems and their standard applications.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft SCOM dashboards
  • Fast deployment for fast ROI

How Ironstream for Microsoft (SCOM) Works

Ironstream’s lightweight agents capture all available IBM mainframe or IBM i information and seamlessly transfer it to the client agent being monitored and managed by Microsoft SCOM. Ironstream captures system performance statistics, system and application messages, and security related events from the system and communicates that information to Microsoft SCOM. IT operations staff can easily troubleshoot, automate and correlate diagnostic data in Microsoft System Center from other systems in the environment with the data from IBM mainframe and IBM i environments. These systems are then managed, monitored and reported on just like other server environments, giving IT Operations a consistent and common tool for the entire enterprise.

Ironstream for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)