Solution Sheet

Ironstream for Micro Focus®

Extend Micro Focus to include IBM Mainframe and IBM I Environments with Ironstream for Micro Focus
Today’s competitive business landscape demands that organizations have a consolidated view of IT operations for proactive IT management. They need to optimize infrastructure to reduce costs, improve application availability, and enhance service delivery. Additionally, companies need a discovery process that creates and maintains an accurate, up-to-date, single system of record for their IT infrastructure. Achieving these objectives requires a complete picture of the enterprise.

Many companies have chosen Micro Focus as their IT management solution; but if they rely on mainframes or IBM i systems, they cannot get a true enterprise-wide view of their IT landscape.

Precisely Ironstream allows organizations to have a consolidated, enterprise-wide view of their IT operations by including these traditional IBM systems in Micro Focus. This enables IT operators to have visibility into their entire enterprise and improves IT performance and delivers a better experience for their customers.

Ironstream works with Micro Focus to discover the computing resources in the environment and to integrate event and system performance data enabling monitoring of the status and health of their IBM mainframe and IBM i systems.

Seamless Integration with Micro Focus UCMDB and OMi

Our product populates the Micro Focus Universal Discovery Database (UCMDB) with configuration terms (CIs) discovered in IBM mainframe and IBM i environments. Also, working seamlessly with Micro Focus Operations Manager (OMi), Ironstream collections operational and security data from IBM mainframe and IBM i environments.


• Improve quality of service through proactive IT management, change tracking, and faster incident resolution

• Increase productivity with an automated, single view of IT infrastructure across the enterprise

• Reduce incident resolution times by quickly and accurately prioritizing and filtering events

What is Discovered with Our Product?
Ironstream populates the Micro Focus Universal Discovery Database (UCMDB) with configuration items (CIs) discovered in the IBM mainframe environment.

Ironstream for Micro Focus