Solution Sheet

Ironstream for IBM i and Splunk

Managing today’s IT infrastructure requires you to have a single, comprehensive view of all the systems in your environment. Splunk is the platform of choice for many companies seeking to achieve this enterprise-wide visibility for IT Operations Management and Security. However, Splunk does not natively support the collection of machine data from IBM i systems.

Precisely Ironstream is the industry’s leading automatic forwarder of IBM i operations and security machine data to Splunk. Ironstream helps you to fully integrate your business-critical IBM i platform with other machine data from across your organization’s IT infrastructure. Ironstream makes it simple to collect, transform and securely stream data into Splunk with no need for IBM i programming or administration expertise.

With advanced filtering features, Ironstream captures data using low-overhead techniques, ensuring fast, highly efficient data delivery without log stream dependencies. Delivering only the critical records and fields required for your visualization and analytics needs ensures that data volume and network traffic are minimized.

Best-in-Class Solution Provides Real-time Insights.  Ironstream makes it easy and cost-effective to extend the value of your investment in Splunk to get a real-time, 360-degree view of your IT infrastructure.

  • Less complexity by breaking down silos and seamlessly integrating with Splunk for a single view of all your systems, with no IBM i expertise required.
  • Clearer, more precise security information with complete visibility into enterprise-wide security alerts and risks for all systems.
  • Healthier IT operations by detecting anomalies in the IBM i environment and making them accessible for correlation, analysis and diagnosis along with information coming from your other platforms.
  • Better problem-resolution management with real-time access to data so you can act fast.
  • Higher operational efficiency through advanced filtering of machine data before delivery to Splunk, ensuring maximum performance with minimal data and network traffic impact.
  • Visibility into cross-platform transactions to monitor and improve IT service delivery and application performance.
Ironstream for IBM i and Splunk