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GeoVision Product Family

GeoVision product family is an enhanced version of PSMA’s Geoscape® product suite, especially designed to simplify and enhance the experience of using this nationally important dataset.

Geoscape is a ground-breaking initiative from PSMA that takes location data to a new level. Using information from satellite imagery and linking this to location data, Geoscape captures the characteristics of a built environment in Australia at a scale that has never been achieved before. Location characteristics, such as building footprints and heights, land cover, tree heights, rooftop materials, swimming pools and solar panels, are captured and linked to geocoded address and property data.

GeoVision product family simplifies & enhances the Geoscape experience

Now, you can get a complete picture of every building at an unprecedented level of accuracy and detail including height and roofing information. Details of land cover and trees as well as presence of solar panels and swimming pools make GeoVision a critical data resource for many sectors.

Example GeoVision use cases by product:

Product Use Cases


  • All Applications.

GeoVision Building Foot Prints

  • Basic mapping where building outlines give context.
  • Flood modeling.
  • Some emergency services applications where only the location of the building on the block is important.
  • Terrestrial telecommunications or utility applications – running cables or services.

GeoVision 3D Buildings

  • Emergency Services applications where location and height of building is important.
  • Noise modeling.
  • Flood modeling.
  • Planning and compliance.
  • Viewshed analysis.

GeoVision building Information

  • Insurance applications where only information about the structure and location are important.
  • Any application where a map is not required.

GeoVision Trees

  • Vegetation management.
  • Urban planning.
  • Heat mapping and modeling.
  • Viewshed analysis.

GeoVision Surface Cover

  • Land use planning.
  • Flood run-off modeling.
  • Urban heat mapping and modeling.

GeoVision Raster

  • For local government clients looking for Trees and Land Cover.

GeoVision Solar Panels

  • Solar electric system sales and maintenance.
  • Emergency services (safety).
  • Utility companies – solar generating capacity estimation and management.
  • Policy creation.

GeoVision Pools

  • Compliance.
  • Fire and Emergency.
  • Pool sales and maintenance.

GeoVision Property Risk Value Derivation

  • For consulting/OEM organisations who perform risk modelling on behalf of insurance companies

GeoVision Tree Risk

  • For all organizations who are interested in either aggregate or individual building risk based on the proximity and height of trees.
  • Allows analysis based on high risk wind directions.
  • Allows the magnitude of the risk to be estimated.
  • Typical clients in Insurance, Finance, Emergency Services and the Public Sector.
  • Can be bought as an add on to an existing GeoVision or Geoscape licence OR as a standalone product.
GeoVision product family