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GeoVision from Precisely is an enhanced version of PSMA’s Geoscape® suite, designed to simplify and enhance the experience of using this nationally important dataset.

Geoscape is a ground-breaking initiative from PSMA that takes location data to a new level. Using information from satellite imagery and linking this to location data, Geoscape captures the characteristics of a built environment in Australia at a scale that has never been achieved before. Location characteristics, such as building footprints and heights, land cover, tree heights, rooftop materials, swimming pools and solar panels, are captured and linked to geocoded address and property data.

Achieve a single view of Australia’s built environment See all of the detail with ease Geoscape is Australia’s only nationwide representation of the built environment. GeoVision simplifies and enhances the experience of Geoscape. Now, you can get a complete picture of every building at an unprecedented level of accuracy and detail including height and roofing information. Details of land cover and trees as well as presence of solar panels and swimming pools make GeoVision a critical data resource for many sectors.

Derive immediate insights with GeoVision

GeoVision includes all of the functionality provided by PSMA’s Geoscape product, plus the following enhancements for improved usability and immediate impact.

  • Compression: Large imagery files have been compressed into smaller, more manageable files using the new Multi Resolution Raster format (compatible with MapInfo Pro 64-bit versions). MapInfo Pro Advanced is recommended for optimum performance.
  • Simplicity: The structure of Geoscape has been simplified so that it can be utilised immediately without the need for complex queries or data linkages.
  • Enhancements: GeoVision adds a number of modeled attributes such as primary building, building heights for rural buildings and estimated internal floor area.
GeoVision product sheet