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Enterprise Journal Entry Solution

Often lost amidst the talk about making SAP financial processes more efficient, are the struggles you face around enterprise journal entries. Most of your attention is often focused on invoicing processes in accounts receivable and accounts payable, and the challenges they present. While those are critically important, many of you are also looking for help with general ledger journal entries.

Journal entries present enterprises with a set of unique problems that are often difficult to address due to either entrenched internal approval processes, or the requirements of accounting timelines that don’t change despite increasing demands to manage ever growing volumes of financial data. General ledger journal entries frequently require complex workflows for routing and approval, prior to posting.  For many of you, the collection, routing and management tool of choice is Microsoft Excel with files living in a shared drive or attached to multiple emails. This approach, by nature, is error prone and unsustainable.

Problem definition

Combine the logistical problems of journal entry routing and approvals with other common bottlenecks and the struggles with journal entries are as much of a challenge for enterprise finance organizations as invoicing processes.

These bottlenecks include:

  • Consolidating financial data from multiple systems of record
  • Overwhelming volume of journal entries during period close
  • Suboptimal processes
  • Poor data quality

Enterprise Journal Entry Solution introduction

The Automate Evolve Enterprise Journal Entry solution is intended specifically to help large enterprises like yours, who are struggling with an overwhelming number of journal entries for their SAP general ledger. We help you get control of the processes and improve your ability to manage massive amounts of financial data while simultaneously improving, governance, data quality and employee productivity.

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Enterprise Journal Entry Solution