Solution Sheet

Data360 DQ+

Boost the quality of your data in-motion and at-rest with enhanced monitoring, visualization, remediation, and reconciliation

Data is your organization’s most valuable asset, yet that value is continually at risk. As it’s used, moved, and manipulated within your data supply chain, its quality is constantly threatened. If business users don’t trust their data, they won’t use it. Nor would you want them to, because bad data generates bad insights. What you need is quality data that gives you the power to trust your decisions.

Data360 DQ+ is a first of its kind solution that improves the accuracy and reliability of your data-in-motion, as well as data at-rest. Monitoring that data meets your business rules from the moment you receive it, across all applications and systems is taking data quality to a whole other level. Additionally, business requirements for reconciling new and different data sources and having visibility into data value is imperative along with integrated machine learning capabilities generate meaningful, actionable insights.

Data360 DQ+ benefits according to our customers:

  • End-to-end data quality: We go far beyond data-at-rest and can monitor data-in-motion as it moves across your systems and applications
  • Advanced reconciliations: Business requirements are demanding reconciliations of uncommon third-party data, numeric or financial values, and streaming data that Data360 DQ+ can deliver
  • Personalized visualizations: Designed to share personalized insights about data with built-in, configurable dashboards that connects to outcomes
  • Self-service user options: Simple drag-and-drop configurations, reusable rules and rules library
  • Deep domain expertise: Literally decades of data quality experience with complex data structures and flexibility in validation

Learn more about Data360 DQ+ and how it ensures data quality as transactions move across various systems and processes in your organization.

Precisely Data360 DQ+ Solution Sheet