Solution Sheet

Data Integrity Suite - Data Enrichment

Enhance the value and usability of your data by adding context from hundreds of expertly curated datasets.

The Precisely Data Integrity Suite Data Enrichment service combines your business data with trusted third-party datasets to prepare you for what’s next, like:

  • Assessing risk and making underwriting decisions
  • Segmenting customers and launching targeted marketing campaigns
  • Performing property valuations and investment analysis

Enriching your existing data with additional attributes makes it more understandable, accurate, and actionable, transforming it into a valuable asset ready to meet the demands and complexities of your business.

How it works

  • Connect to data sources and automatically catalog them in the system.
  • Generate or upload sample data to design your pipelines or reports.
  • Connect your data via PreciselyID, a unique identifier appended to addresses and hundreds of our datasets for easy connection.
  • Visualize appended data in your pipeline or the curated location reports, with data at the center of the design experience.
  • Deploy the rules in the pipeline for execution in one or many environments, share reports with users, or connect data via APIs.

To learn more read the product sheet.