Solution Sheet

Data Integrity for ESG

Establish strong data integrity around your ESG data for more efficient and accurate reporting and expanded business value

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives are topics of discussion everywhere – in the workplace, social media, news outlets, and beyond. To move faster, remain compliant, and accurately demonstrate and quantify your commitment to your initiatives, your data strategy needs to prioritize data integrity – data that is accurate, consistent, and has context.

As businesses rapidly move towards embracing ESG, they need to ensure that robust data foundations are being put in place to support the success of these initiatives. By building a meaningful strategy around data integration, data governance and quality, location intelligence, and data enrichment, organizations can be confident that they are making smarter business decisions based on data they can trust.


  • Increase the value of your ESG initiatives by understanding data relationships and synergies with data governance, lineage & impact analysis
  • Reduce costs and boost confidence in reporting and insights with robust data quality rules and metrics
  • Increase efficiencies around sustainability reporting with data governance that links datasets directly to ESG goals and metrics
  • Improve risk evaluation and analytics with environmental and social data enrichment
  • Cost-effective and complete reporting with automated access to data across complex environments

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Every organization’s journey to data integrity is unique based on its data challenges and business initiatives. The Precisely Strategic Services team is here to be your partner on that path.  We’ll work with you to define the strategy, business case, and metrics that will deliver your desired outcome. With a focus on your unique objectives, we’ll leverage product capabilities where necessary, but also look at people, processes, and performance metrics. If you need help getting started on your data integrity journey, or if you’re just not sure your data program is delivering the results you need, we’re here to help.

Read this solution sheet and learn more about how Precisely can help organizations with their ESG initiatives and strategies.

Data Integrity for ESG