Solution Sheet

Data Excellence Bootcamp

Ensure success with a proven methodology that prioritizes data value

In today’s hyperconnected and data-driven business landscape, the role of data in driving strategic decision-making and delivering organizational value cannot be overstated. The Data Excellence Bootcamp is a proven and transformative approach that places the needs and objectives of the business at the forefront of any data integrity journey.

Precisely’s methodology focuses on a business value cycle for data to ensure that data serves as a strategic asset rather than a mere byproduct of operations.


The Data Excellence Bootcamp starts with targeted interviews with key stakeholders (typically five to ten) by our team of seasoned professionals. Findings from those sessions are compiled, analyzed against leading practices, and delivered
as a formal briefing document.

A one-day interactive workshop is then conducted where we provide a business centric introduction to key concepts, methodology, and your key business strategies that rely on data excellence.

Our team will provide a data maturity assessment aligned to your business goals and a data strategy map to close any gaps required to meet your targeted maturity level. We’ll collectively define and align on data priorities, identify improvement and optimization opportunities, and qualify key initiatives that will influence your data integrity journey.

After the workshop, our team will synthesize the outputs, align it to proven approaches for success, and deliver an actionable data strategy roadmap and proposed action plan for the next 3-6 months.

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