Solution Sheet

CDC Managed Services for Precisely Connect

CDC Managed Services for Precisely Connect provides a cost-effective way to focus on your business’s needs by outsourcing the implementation, management, and maintenance of your Precisely change data capture solution. Take advantage of decades of experience and expertise in replicating complex data types while reducing your internal costs.

Work with the industry’s top integration experts

Your organization depends on your IT team’s deep expertise to ensure the business runs smoothly. However, keeping change data capture processes operating without disruption requires a diverse set of skills. It demands proficiency in legacy data platforms, new cloud technology, and big data. The members of Precisely’s managed service team are the data integration experts. Our team offers decades of experience across a variety of architectures, technologies, and data types. The Precisely managed services team helps keep your solution running at peak levels, ensures your configuration is properly tuned, and maintains documentation.

CDC Managed Services Benefits

  • Increased data access for business users
  • Legacy platform expertise including IBM i and z/OS
  • Deep understanding of big data requirements, DBMS
    transactions, batch changes and persistent storage
  • Reduce downtime when making model updates,
    recovering from issues, planning, and preparing
    for regular system/DBMS downtime
CDC Managed Services Brochure for Precisely Connect