Solution Sheet

Build Possibilities Ground in Trusted Data with Precisely & Cloudera

Making data-driven decisions has become increasingly complex for even the largest enterprises. A recent Forbes Insights Report found that 84 percent of CEOs do not trust the data they are basing decisions on, and with good reason, as another study published in Harvard Business Review found almost half (47 percent) of newly created data records have at least one critical error. To power better business decisions and produce better outcomes, you need solutions that break down data silos, build trust in that data, and enrich it with location and additional context.

Precisely and Cloudera help you move forward with confidence

Together, Precisely and Cloudera offer an end-to-end approach to making all enterprise data available in a single cloud environment for strategic projects such as analytics, AI and machine learning. The Precisely portfolio of data integration, data quality, location intelligence, and data enrichment products seamlessly delivers accurate, consistent data to the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) so business initiatives can move forward with confidence.

Precisely provides native integration with CDP and can be deployed in the data center, public cloud, or multi-cloud hybrid CDP implementations. A “design once, deploy anywhere” approach to the integration and verification of data also enables IT users to simplify the design, execution, and building of data pipelines within CDP.

Benefits of using Precisely with the Cloudera Data Platform

For the Business

  • Quickly access trusted data from across the organization for analytics, AI, and machine learning projects
  • Enhance downstream projects with expertly curated, up-to-date business, location, and consumer data
  • Leverage location information at scale in support of augmented analytics and AI

For IT

  • Take a seamless approach to integrating, verifying, and enriching data with location and additional context in CDP
  • Enhance performance and maintain platform security requirements with native Precisely integration with CDP
  • Enable the business to access all enterprise data – including transaction data from mainframe and IBM i – within CDP
  • Build data pipelines to CDP that power decision-making with real-time data delivery
  • Meet tightening SLAs
Build Possiblities Ground in Trusted Data with Precisely and Cloudera