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Automation Solution for SAP® Plant Maintenance

Higher productivity and lower risk starts with better data Whether you’re responsible for plant, fleet, or facilities maintenance, your organization is constantly under pressure to improve efficiency and reduce risk. But your team can’t make good decisions if your SAP data is incomplete, inconsistent, or full of errors. The Precisely Automate platform makes it faster and easier for you to get data right and keep it right, as you acquire and retire assets and infrastructure. The result is higher productivity, lower maintenance costs, and reduced risk of equipment failure and the associated impact on the environment, health, and safety

How much is bad data costing you? Excess spares inventory, expedited parts delivery, failure to analyze data to prevent corrective or breakdowns, wasted labor hours—these are just a few of the real costs of poor quality data in your SAP system.

Precisely Automate empowers your team to improve data quality, streamline operations, and drive continual improvements

Empower your team to make an impact

The people in the best position to improve data quality and streamline operations are your maintenance team. Give them the power to solve problems, drive efficiencies, and reduce reliance on centralized IT, with a toolkit designed for business users. Improve visibility and compliance reporting With Precisely Automate, your team can quickly create a variety of operational reports. And because data going into your system is higher quality, these reports enable you to improve resource planning and provide complete and accurate audit reports in less time.

Make the most of your skilled resources

Minimize the time planners, engineers, and other highly skilled personnel spend tracking down missing information, running reports, and entering data into SAP. The platform automates and streamlines the ‘care and feeding’ of your SAP data, so your team can focus on optimizing maintenance plans, minimizing costs and reducing risks.

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Automation Solutions for SAP Plant Maintenance