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Automate Evolve Portals

Secure SAP data access anywhere

Managing customer and vendor SAP data can be challenging, often requiring complex data processes and back and forth verification between your company and the partner. What if there were a simple way for your customers and vendors to input and edit their information? Now there is with the no-code portal development capabilities of Precisely Automate Evolve.  Our external portals use Microsoft Azure Services to deploy for audiences who are outside your company network.

With Automate Evolve 20.2 and later, you can easily create secure, branded portals that allow customers and vendors to input data during the onboarding process or update their data whenever there are changes. All using business-friendly, online forms. Automate Evolve Portals extend any Automate Evolve workflows and forms solution to external and internal participants.

Widget-based portal builder

The portals are simple to create and deploy.  Using a visual design editor with pre-built widgets that provides drag and drop simplicity, portal pages can be customized for individual or multiple parties, depending on your needs.

How the Portals work
Automate Evolve portals are developed using the portal builder and use Microsoft Azure Services to securely deploy just the portal on the Internet for users to access anywhere around the globe. The data entered by the customer or vendor can then be directly posted to SAP or route via workflows to an internal reviewer to ensure that the information is correct. Once the process is complete, the data can be automatically posted to SAP. External users can also check status on their dashboard or access reports. Finally, you can deploy internal portals for users inside your network directly on the Automate Evolve server, without the need for Azure Services.

Key Benefits

  • Customer and vendor self-service data management
  • Streamlined master data processes
  • Simplified portal development experience
  • Internal portals for Automate Evolve form users

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Automate Evolve Portals