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Product Sheet: Assure Security Risk Assessment

Precisely’s Security Risk Assessment is essential to proactively understand your IBM i (AS/400) security risks

Given the increasing frequency of cyber attacks, it is essential to regularly conduct security risk assessments as part of a comprehensive IT security program. In fact, many compliance regulations, such as PCI DSS and HIPAA, require annual IT risk assessments. Unfortunately, not all security auditors understand the special security features of IBM i (AS/400), and not all IBM i administrators have the knowledge or the time to conduct regular, thorough security assessments.

Precisely’s Security Risk Assessment tool is essential for any organization that wants to proactively understand its IBM i security risks without overloading IT managers or hiring external consultants. It checks over a dozen categories of security values, reports on findings and makes recommendations. Sufficient detail is provided to guide technical staff on remediation, while managers receive a higher-level summary of risk level.

Assure Security Risk Assessment