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Assure Security

Assure Security is a complete security solution for IBM i (AS/400)

Assure Security delivers market-leading IBM i security capabilities that help your organization successfully comply with cybersecurity regulations and reduce security vulnerabilities. A comprehensive set of features addresses the key topics on the minds of every security officer and IBM i system administrator, including:

  • Assessing security risks
  • Monitoring system and database activity
  • Detecting compliance deviations and security incidents
  • Strengthening login security
  • Effectively managing elevated user authority
  • Controlling access to systems and data
  • Protecting confidential data at-rest from unauthorized access or theft
  • Securing data while it is in motion across networks
  • Integrating IBM i security data with enterprise SIEM solutions

A common enterprise monitoring dashboard and scripted failover integration with Precisely’s Assure MIMIX and Assure QuickEDD high availability solutions simplifies monitoring and switching for users of both Assure Security and Assure Availability products.


  • Achieve and maintain compliance with the cybersecurity requirements of GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, CCPA, SOX and other state and industry regulations
  • Protect your company’s intellectual property and the data of customers, partners and employees from theft
  • Quickly detect and effectively address security incidents and compliance deviations
  • Automate common security and compliance management tasks
  • Comprehensively monitor system and database activity
  • Prevent unauthorized access to IBM i systems and data
  • Ensure the privacy of confidential data both at-rest and in-motion
  • Provide real segregation of duties
  • Implement security best practices

Assure Security

As a complete IBM i security solution, Assure Security includes features that assess risks, monitor for compliance, ensure data privacy and control access to your systems and data. Capabilities can be licensed individually to address specific security needs, or you can choose feature bundles that address the major security and compliance concerns of any security officer or IBM i administrator.

Assure Security Risk Assessment

Assure Security Risk Assessment thoroughly examines all aspects of IBM i system security and delivers detailed reports and recommendations for addressing vulnerabilities. Risk assessment services are also available to guide you through the assessment and advise on remediation steps.

Assure Access Control

Assure Access Control is a bundle of features that provides comprehensive control of access to IBM i systems and their data through multi-factor authentication, automated management of elevated authorities and comprehensive coverage of all system access points. Its three capabilities can be also be licensed separately.

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Assure Security