Solution Sheet

Assure Secure File Transfer v6.0

Assure Secure File Transfer protects data in motion

IBM i customers need to meet regulatory requirements to secure the transfer of data over the Internet and on internal networks.  Assure Secure File Transfer provides secure FTP (SFTP) and Secure Shell (SSH) transfer support to meet these regulations.  Additionally, PGP Command Line 9 encryption is available as an added option.

This product can encrypt any file type including Db2 database files (externally described files), flat files (internally described files), IFS files, Save Files, and spooled file reports.  PGP encrypted files can be received from any other system including Windows, Linux, UNIX, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, and IBM z (Mainframe).

Secure FTP
Our product implements the full specification for secure SSL FTP providing a firewall-friendly implementation of encrypted FTP. This product also conforms to Internet standard RFC2228. Many financial institutions are now requiring that companies use encrypted FTP even when they have encrypted a file with PGP. Our file transfer provides the automation and command support you need to meet these requirements.

Our product fully integrates with IBM i’s security strategy by using the IBM Digital Certificate Manager for certificate management and SSL communications. This means that you will have full support for IBM secure audit journaling and native IBM i security controls. It also means that Assure Secure File Transfer will use the IBM SSL accelerator hardware card to speed up SSL encryption if it is installed in your IBM i server. (IBM Digital Certificate Manager is a no-charge licensed product that comes with your IBM i operating system.)

Secure FTP is fully supported in this product’s automation features. You can easily transmit any file by copying it to a library managed by Assure Secure File Transfer. You can also automatically transmit any file in an IFS directory including files in Windows Networking folders or UNIX NFS directories.  To automate receiving files from remote FTP servers this product’s autoscan facility can periodically connect to an FTP server and pull new files to your IBM i.

Assure Secure File Transfer Solution Sheet