Solution Sheet

Assure MIMIX for PowerHA

Extended HA/DR Protection for IBM PowerHA for i with Assure MIMIX for PowerHA

Assure MIMIX for PowerHA is a complementary solution for users of IBM® PowerHA® System Mirror® for i. It closes the gaps in IBM PowerHA HA/DR protection and audits for conditions that could impact switch operations. When paired with Assure MIMIX HA, Assure MIMIX for PowerHA extends HA/DR protection by enabling replication of data to additional local or remote servers for disaster recovery, query and data distribution purposes.


Expanded Data and Application Protection

  • Protects SYSBAS data that cannot reside in an IASP
  • Protects data associated with applications not certifiedto run in an IASP

Enhanced HA/DR Coverage with Assure MIMIX HA

  • Provides replication to additional local or remote HA/DR servers
  • Protects your business from unplanned outages during planned server maintenance

Real-Time Access to Replicated Data with Assure MIMIX HA

  • Supports additional servers for data warehousing, queries, testing and more
  • Distributes real-time data to applications on other servers

Switch-Readiness Monitoring for PowerHA

  • Monitors for duplicate library names in SYSBAS and in an IASP that would cause a switch to fail
  • Monitors for inconsistent source and target user profile configurations that would slow a switch
  • Monitors for an imbalance between libraries in an IASP and in SYSBAS that would slow a switch

How It Works

IBM PowerHA does not replicate SYSBAS data. This includes data that is not supported in an IASP or that is associated with applications that have not been modified to run in an IASP. Assure MIMIX for PowerHA provides replication of SYSBAS data, covering these gaps in data and application protection.

Assure MIMIX HA can replicate data located in both IASPs and SYSBAS. When Assure MIMIX for PowerHA is paired with Assure MIMIX HA, it extends IBM PowerHA HA/DR protection, enabling replication of real-time data in both IASPs and SYSBAS to additional local or remote servers for disaster recovery or other purposes. These additional copies of the data can be accessed in real time for a variety of purposes and are kept in sync when production is switched to a backup server.