Solution Sheet

Assure MIMIX for Db2® Mirror

High Availability and Disaster Recovery for IBM Db2 Mirror Environments with Assure MIMIX for Db2 MirrorIBM Db2 Mirror provides continuous data availability for Db2 data in IBM i 7.4 environments. Synchronous replication between two active Db2 databases in the same data center ensures that a second copy of your data is always available to your business should one database node fail or require maintenance, and enables workload balancing between the two systems.

However, the servers on which the two databases reside must be near one another in the same data center, leaving the data exposed to loss due in the event of regional disaster, site failure, or data center outage. And, while IBM Db2 Mirror enables continuous data availability for Db2 databases, not all essential objects are replicated for server failover.

Assure MIMIX for Db2 Mirror is an essential complement to IBM Db2 Mirror that replicates data to one or more recovery servers located anywhere in the world, whether on-premises or in the cloud, to assure data protection from all disaster scenarios. It also replicates the objects not mirrored by IBM Db2 Mirror to support failover should a production server fail.

Expanded topologies are also possible with Assure MIMIX for Db2 Mirror. A blend of high availability, disaster recovery and data distribution servers can be configured to ensure your business is fully protected from planned and unplanned downtime and to feed business processes with real-time data.


  • Enables businesses to meet regulatory requirements and service level agreements by virtually eliminating planned and unplanned downtime for IBM i servers
  • Eliminates the cost and consequences of lost data by protecting it from loss in the event of regional disaster, site failure or data center outage
  • Supports multi-server configurations that enhance the availability of servers, applications and data
  • Replicates real-time data to non-HA/DR servers for data warehousing, queries, testing and other business processes