Solution Sheet


Affordable disaster recovery for entry-level IBM i servers with Assure MIMIX DR

Assure MIMIX DR is an affordable disaster recovery solution for organizations with critical data and applications on entry-level Power Systems running IBM i. Real-time replication of data and system objects to a local, remote or cloud-based recovery server ensures all changes are captured – right up to the point of failure. Assure MIMIX DR allows you to protect your data from loss and restore operations much faster than tape-based recovery processes so that you can meet a range of regulatory requirements and SLA commitments for data protection and uptime.

Real-Time Replication for Full Protection

  • Comprehensive, real-time replication protects data right up to the point of failure
  • Eliminates the risk of data loss between nightly backups
  • Maintains a fully operable recovery server that is ready to assume the production role whenever needed
  • Replicates entry-level IBM i servers to local, remote or cloud-based recovery servers using the same or different hardware, storage or OS version

Disaster Recovery Made Simple

  • Quick and easy installation using simple guided wizards
  • Easy configuration, monitoring and management through a customizable browser-based interface
  • On-demand data protection reports support configuration of libraries, folders and directories for replication using best practices
  • Color-coded enterprise dashboard for status monitoring alongside Assure QuickEDD and Assure Security products
  • Email and SNMP alerts enable unattended monitoring

Reliable Recoveries

  • Eliminates data corruption issues that are inherent in tape
  • Checklist-driven failover processes reduce the chance of human error
  • Robust scheduled audits and monitoring of the recovery server data combine with automated self-healing to ensure reliable recoveries
  • Virtual failover enables DR readiness testing without impact to production applications

Efficient and Cost Effective

  • Minimizes business risks and costs of data loss and downtime
  • Allows you to fulfill regulations and SLA commitments, avoiding penalties
  • Managed service or cloud-hosted options can reduce capital costs
  • Provides access to replicated data for queries, reports, and more