Solution Sheet

Assure MIMIX for PowerHA

Extend and enhance IBM Power HA protection

To ensure that your IBM i systems are always completely mirrored and ready to switch, everything needs to be replicated in real-time, including critically important SYSBAS and IASP objects and data.

Assure MIMIX protects switch-critical IASP and SYSBAS objects and data that can’t be replicated by IBM PowerHA, replicating them in real-time them to additional local or remote servers to ensure HA and DR switch-readiness while continuously monitoring and alerting you about conditions that could impact your ability to switch.


Expanded Data and Application Protection

  • Protects SYSBAS objects that cannot reside in an IASP
  • Protects data associated with applications not certified to run in an IASP

Switch-Readiness for PowerHA

  • Protects your business against switch failure and downtime when dealing with unplanned outages or when switching to prevent downtime during planned server maintenance
  • Monitors for duplicate library names in SYSBAS and in an IASP that would cause a switch to fail
  • Monitors for other conflicts and imbalances between primary and recovery server IASP libraries and SYSBAS that can seriously impair your ability to switch
  • Monitors for inconsistent source and target user profile configurations that would further impede switching

How It Works

IBM PowerHA does not replicate SYSBAS data. This includes data that is not supported in an IASP or that is associated with applications that are not designed and certified to run in an IASP.

Assure MIMIX extends and completes IBM PowerHA’s HA/DR protection, enabling real-time replication of IASPs and SYSBAS to additional local or remote servers to ensure fast, reliable HA and DR switching.

Assure MIMIX and IBM PowerHA