Solution Sheet

Assure MIMIX and IBM Db2® Mirror

IBM® Db2® Mirror can provide continuous data availability for IBM i Db2 data. Synchronous replication between two active Db2 databases in the same data center ensures that a second copy of your data is always available to your business should one database node fail or require maintenance, and enables workload balancing between the two systems.

But Db2 Mirror protection is limited by its requirement that both servers must be within the same data center. This leaves your business critical Db2 data exposed to significant or complete loss if your servers are damaged or destroyed in a site-specific or regional disaster. And, while IBM Db2 Mirror does enable continuous data availability for Db2 databases, it does not replicate all of the essential system data and objects that are required for HA switching or failover.

Assure MIMIX is an essential complement to IBM Db2 Mirror that replicates data to one or more recovery servers to ensure that your Db2 data is protected against all disaster scenarios. It also replicates the objects not mirrored by IBM Db2 Mirror that are required to support failover should a production server fail.

In addition to protecting your Db2 data, Assure MIMIX enables comprehensive IBM i HA and DR protection along with powerful data distribution and workload balancing capabilities that work with any mix of local, remotely hosted and cloud-based IBM i servers.


  • Eliminates the extremely high costs and consequences of data loss by protecting your Db2 data against site-specific or regional disasters
  • Fully supports any local or multi-site HA and DR configuration for comprehensive IBM i data and server protection
  • Empowers your business through real-time data replication to additional servers for advanced analytics, data warehousing, queries, testing and more
  • Enables confident, auditable compliance with regulatory and service level agreement requirements for uninterrupted availability
Assure MIMIX and IBM Db2 Mirror