Solution Sheet

Assure MIMIX

Complete, Scalable HA/DR for IBM i

Assure MIMIX is the world’s leading high availability and disaster recovery solution for IBM i. Thousands of companies depend on Assure MIMIX to protect their business against data loss and unplanned downtime and to virtually eliminate planned downtime.

Refined by over 25 years of cooperative development with IBM, Assure MIMIX builds on deep, native integration with IBM i Remote Journaling, adding advanced replication and data management capabilities that go well beyond its unmatched HA and DR protection, so that you can get more real business value out of your IBM i systems and data.

Assure MIMIX HA features

  • Comprehensive HA/DR protection
  • Easy to install, configure and manage
  • Fast, efficient real-time replication
  • Scales flexibly to fit any size company
  • Advanced capabilities for Multi-site, Cloud-hosted and Managed Service environments

How it works

Highly automated Journal-Driven Configuration takes the complexity out of setting up replication. No need to modify or change your existing journals or libraries either. Journal-Driven Configuration intelligently enrolls everything into replication ‘as-is’ without risking potentially disruptive changes.

Once replication begins, Assure MIMIX constantly monitors for changes in libraries and journaling, such as newly added journals or objects, and responds by automatically configuring and starting replication accordingly, to ensure complete and uninterrupted HA/DR protection.

The browser-based GUI speeds installation simplifies managing and monitoring HA and DR. Its mobile-friendly dashboard is color-coded for at-a-glance monitoring and drill-down, keeping you in control at all times, no matter what device you have at your fingertips.

Easily customized, built-in switching procedures ensure fast, totally automated failover in response to unplanned outages and safe, controlled on-demand switching to eliminate downtime during upgrades and planned maintenance.

Assure MIMIX easily extends and scales replication to enable real-time data distribution for queries and reporting, advanced business analytics, DevOps, ecommerce and more. And it is IBM i OS, server, and storage system version agnostic, so you can extend Assure MIMIX protection to all your IBM i systems.

Assure MIMIX includes many other features and capabilities that make it the HA and DR solution of choice for on premises, multi-site site, and cloud-hosted protection, including across geographies and in Managed Services environments:

  • Virtual switch testing
  • Active-Active replication for flexible workload balancing
  • Bi-directional “Mutual Backup” replication for optimized utilization
  • Intra-LPAR replication enables multiple replication nodes on the same LPAR within in a single Assure MIMIX instance
  • And much more!

Download this solution sheet to learn more about how Assure MIMIX can deliver HA and DR protection that’s right for you.

Assure MIMIX