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Active-Active Replication with Assure MIMIX

Assure MIMIX Active-Active Replication

Assure MIMIX Active-Active Replication supports replication between two active production servers for switch times measured in seconds and workload balancing.

Virtually Eliminates Downtime and Balances Workloads
Customers and staff expect—or even demand—continuous application availability, without exception. In the past, IT couldn’t guarantee that. When tape was the sole backup medium, recovery from a downtime event could take days. When organizations started using real-time replication to maintain recovery servers, recovery was faster, but still not instantaneous. Recovery servers could be offline, or at best, passive. As a result, it was required to restart systems or applications to resume business operations. Depending upon the technology, that could take anywhere from minutes to hours.

In contrast, the Active-Active Replication feature of Assure MIMIX can eliminate almost all downtime. It replicates data between two or more active servers, all of which can run production workloads simultaneously.

Consequently, with Active-Active Replication, “recovery” is never necessary to restore business operations—whether a server crashes or needs to be taken offline for maintenance. Instead, you can redirect users to another active server, which is fully in sync with the downed server, by simply switching IP addresses. Furthermore, with two or more servers functioning as active production servers, you can make better use of resources by balancing workloads.

Key Benefits

Provides Near-Zero Recovery Time

  • Replicates data in near real time between active production servers
  • Replicates across any distance to protect server availability during regional events
  • Allows business operations to be restored by simply switching IP addresses
  • Delivers switch times measured in seconds to virtually eliminate operational downtime

Optimizes Server Productivity

  • Balances workloads between servers for more efficient use of resources
  • Shares workloads between servers to improve application performance
  • Allows processing to be performed near users who are geographically dispersed, improving response times
  • Replicates between three or more active servers to further share workloads and maximize HA protection
Active-Active Replication with Assure MIMIX