Solution Sheet

Accelerate Your Journey to SAP® S/4HANA

Improve the quality and speed of your ongoing data management operation

Ensure the quality of data in your digital core Over the coming years, SAP® S/4HANA will become the digital core for many organizations, surrounded by cloudbased systems that enable new and innovative business models.

In this new world of real-time analytics where data is no longer staged, it’s essential to get data right the first time.

Precisely provides a range of solutions to accelerate your journey to S/4HANA and improve the quality of your data during your transition and ongoing operations.

Our software is designed for people in the business and doesn’t require specialized SAP programming skills, enabling them to participate in the transition and streamline businessas-usual operations once you’re up and running on S/4HANA.

Planning best practices for your journey to SAP S/4HANA:

  • Don’t treat your move to S/4HANA as a simple technical migration—it’s not just an IT project, it’s a change management challenge for the business.
  • Engage with business leaders and key stakeholders—to understand how S/4HANA will support strategic business objectives over the next few years.
  • Choose your transition approach—most organizations with multiple SAP instances opt for a phased approach with a gradual transition.

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