The Power of Hosted Managed Services in Digital Customer Experience

In organizations of every size and across all industries, Customer Experience (CX) leaders are struggling to meet rapidly rising expectations. Customers are increasingly demanding personalized, secure, real-time interactions across multiple channels.

At the same time, the technology and business processes required to meet those expectations are all becoming much more complex, requiring heavy investments in IT resources and highly skilled employees.

In response, leading enterprises are responding by rapidly shifting away from traditional in-house, self-managed customer communication management (CCM) platforms, in favor of leveraging the extensive resources and expertise of a Hosted Managed Services (HMS) solution. Here are some of the key issues and problems involved and how HMS solutions can solve them.

Current State

Key Customer Growth Demographic

Millennials and Gen Z consumers are far less likely to rate digital interactions with their providers positively compared to those over the age of 40.

Less than 40% of Gen Z consumers reported that they were satisfied with quality of their providers’ digital communications. 1

30% of consumers said that after a negative chatbot experience, they are likely to:

  • Take their purchase to a different brand.
  • Abandon their purchase altogether.
  • Tell their friends and family about their poor experience with the brand. 2

Key Challenges for CX Leaders

  • 56% of Global Enterprises agree or strongly agree that siloed, uncoordinated communications are preventing their company from delivering seamless digital customer experiences. 4

  • Over 40% of employees working with customer communications identified “outdated software tools” as their top source of job frustration. 5
  • Legacy systems’ inability to support modern digital channels hamstrings organizational efforts to realize true digital transformation and perpetuates substandard digital interactions that fail to meet customer expectations.

  • Nearly 50% of businesses worldwide cited “Technical or IT Complexities” as the leading obstacle along the path to improving CX through superior communications. 5

65% of all the enterprises Aspire surveyed are investing in new CCM technology and 45% are reviewing their approach to outsourcing. 6

In-House vs. Hosted Managed Services

In-House Managed CCM Systems


  • Constrained CapEx budget for needed IT infrastructure and software investments
  • Legacy IT slows / limits options for CCM technology adoption
  • Legacy data stores limit CX-focused customer data integration and access
  • System performance/CCM systems issues during most-visible high-volume business periods
  • Limited in-house CCM/CX technical expertise
    • Slower technology and process adoption
    • Train-the-trainer cycles: costs and delays
    • Incomplete, fragmented management of CCM system data for regulatory compliance
  • HR budget and process constraints
    • Recruiting, onboarding, CX systems training
    • Direct staff management
    • Finance-driven technical staffing cuts

CCM Systems Hosted Managed Services


  • OpEx budgeted services
  • Fully managed, future-ready cloud platform infrastructure and CCM technology
  • Secure, unified customer data stores support CX-focused technologies and processes
  • Rapid capacity scaling for seamless, customer-transparent seasonal surge response
  • Deep bench of IT and CCM software experts for
    • Rapid process design, implementation
    • Effective, system-specific staff training
    • Focused, CCM system data-specific regulatory compliance support
  • HR management burdens avoided

Replace Manual Communications Management with a Scalable, Unified Platform

Deliver World-Class Customer Experience with EngageOne RapidCX

  • RapidCX seamlessly integrates with all your legacy systems to deliver the right message at the right time, via the customer’s channel of choice.
  • Secure, unified data management for all your customer data, brand content, forms, and print/digital templates with comprehensive version control and change tracking.
  • Streamlines and integrate processes and content across all delivery channels, ensuring brand consistency and faster time to market.
  • Comprehensive data protection, governance, and auditing with as-delivered versions of all communications securely stored and accessible in your EngageOne™ RapidCX archive.

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Precisely

Our experts have the experience to ensure success with your digital transformation, guiding you through:

  • Planning and integrating the EngageOne RapidCX platform with your legacy systems.
  • Faster change management and streamlined omni-channel CCM processes.
  • Unifying customer, content, and regulatory compliance data management.

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