Customer story

Verizon Wireless Achieves Compliance with Federal Guidelines and Improved Customer Service

Getting taxation right

Verizon Wireless faced challenges in providing accurate tax assignment throughout its business operations. By implementing GeoTAX, a Spectrum Enterprise Tax solution, Verizon Wireless was able to achieve higher efficiency, compliance with federal guidelines, cost savings, and improved customer service. Verizon now manages tax assignments with an automated solution that integrates with its existing billing and taxation systems.

With a network footprint covering more than 10,000 state and local taxing jurisdictions, Verizon Wireless’s tax management system was losing the company revenue, incurring penalties, and even attracting lawsuits. As Transaction Taxes Staff Manager Vicki Anger explained, the human error inherent in the system, where customers were assigned to taxing jurisdictions manually, meant that “we were overtaxing customers because of errors such as selecting a jurisdiction where there was a city tax, when the customer is in fact located in the county boundary.”