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Customer Story

How One of UK’s Major Retail Banks Reduced Costs and Improved Compliance with Streamlined Communications

When it comes to heightened security and complex regulations, financial services organizations are some of the most scrutinized operations. Whether it’s a financial transaction or a communication, banks have some of the most stringent set of standards to ensure they protect private customer data and financial information.

For one of the UK’s largest retail banks, these stringent standards stretch into the communications space. To ensure secure communications between the bank and its customers, the institution made a significant investment in a massive communication archive system. Over time, the bank experienced excessive costs driven by growing storage requirements, the need to comply with regulatory requirements and new software updates, and the imperative to reduce information security hazards linked to ageing infrastructure.

With such a large investment in its communication archive, the bank was looking for a solution that would help it capitalize on its initial investment, while simultaneously addressing the challenges it was experiencing. Specifically, the bank sought a solution that would complement the existing archive to:

  • Reduce the cost of managing over three billion archived documents;
  • Comply with the latest software releases and current feature functionality;
  • Minimize information security (InfoSec) risks associated with outdated software and infrastructure; and
  • Take advantage of storage savings and scalability offered by cloud-based solutions.

Read this full customer story and learn how this major UK retail bank has nearly eliminated manual retrieval processes and now can automatically process over 600k PDF requests each day.