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Customer Story

Telecommunication Firm Delays CPU Upgrade via Sort Offload to zIIP with Syncsort ZPSaver

Syncsort ZPSaver helps this firm save CPU time and money

With CPU utilization peaking at 100% in the daily batch window when critical billing jobs were running, this telecommunications firm was seeing the performance of the jobs being impacted, along with an occasional inability to complete all jobs within the window. They were looking at an impending upgrade which they neither could afford nor take on.

Taking advantage of a free Precisely SMF analysis, they received a projection on how much they could save in terms of MIPS with Precisely’s solution, Syncsort ZPSaver. The results were astounding. They showed an average savings of 72.4% in CPU time, along with an 11% savings in elapsed time within their current batch window.

The company took advantage of a free Precisley SMF analysis to get a projection on how much they could save in terms of MIPS (and ultimately MSUs and MLC costs), and in elapsed time within their batch window, with Syncsort’s industry-leading sort and zIIP offload solution Syncsort ZPSaver.

A flexible analysis, tailored to their specific needs, was performed to provide them with a clear picture of where Syncsort ZPSaver could produce savings in general CP utilization, as well as reduce elapsed time, providing a justification for purchase. One analysis was done for all systems during all times of day, in another a refined analysis focused on the 4HRA peak window, and finally an analysis of several days where 100% CPU utilization was hit during the batch window was performed.

Precisley Syncsort ZPSaver is saving them money within their IT budget while improving operational efficiency. The mainframe team stands out in their IT organization for leveraging Syncsort ZPSaver’s ready-to-implement innovations to address operational challenges and provide capacity for new opportunities.

Download this case study to learn more about how Syncsort ZPSaver helped this Telecommunications company save time and money.