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Customer Story


Before implementing Assure iTERA HA, TCY experienced a catastrophic IBM i server failure which took a week to get back online

TCY is located in Puerto de Altura, in Progreso Yucatan, Mexico. From this strategic location, ships can reach the most important markets in the US, the Caribbean and Central America, with connections to South America and Europe, in only 36 hours.

TCY’s services include container stowage and unstowage, and load and unload over ships or trucks. Its facilities can store up to 84 refrigerated containers at any time. TCY’s expertise, sophisticated information systems and modern facilities allow these services to be provided within each ship’s scheduled in-port time, while ensuring merchandise integrity and fully accomplishing the load and unload plan.

Since the port is a secure and highly inspected area, TCY has 15 security cameras connected online with the Customs House, 8 of them monitoring its dock platform areas and 7 more inside its warehouse, resulting in continuous visual monitoring of
all freight. This is a huge advantage for TCY, as the Customs Authority can control the cameras from its own facilities.

These complex operations continue around the clock, 365 days a year, with just a few highly qualified employees as a result of highly automated operations and online control via advanced custom software and electronic information transfer (EDI), carried out under international data interchange standards.

“At one time, before we had Assure iTERA HA, our IBM i server failed catastrophically. Even with direct support from IBM, it took a week to get the server back online, during which time we had to perform all record keeping operations manually. It was very hard for us” says Engineer José Antonio Islas, Head of Systems Department of TCY, “Because of this situation, we acquired an additional IBM i server, to have as a backup system.”