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Customer Story

Strategic Fulfillment Group

Strategic Fulfillment Group uses  Assure MIMIX HA for HA/DR protection to keep pace with their very high transaction volumes

In the age of e-commerce, competitors are literally a click away. And if you can’t fulfill an order, customers may be able to cancel it with a click as well. Operating in this environment, Strategic Fulfillment Group, which provides order fulfillment services—from order taking through to picking and shipment—to a number of customers, can’t afford to lose access to its data and applications. No exceptions.

Strategic Fulfillment Group (SFG) considers itself to be a medium-sized company, but you wouldn’t know it from its IT environment. The company employs multiple IBM i-based Power Systems servers with multiple partitions. Those systems run a collection of thousands of in-house developed applications, as well as purchased software that has been integrated into the company’s IT systems.

One of SFG’s major selling points is that it delivers its services through a single relational database. The primary benefit of this is that customers, which SFG views as partners, can expand into new lines of business without having to worry about the complexities of integrating data from different databases for different company divisions.

SFG’s central database contains millions of names and addresses. In total, there are about 14-billion records, and growing. SFG also makes considerable use of IBM i’s Integrated File System (IFS).

SFG’s business environment demands an exceptionally high level of data and application availability. Yet finding a way to ensure near-zero downtime and zero data loss in such a large and complex IT environment was problematic.

Precisely is the premier provider of disaster recovery (DR) and high availability (HA) solutions for IBM i. It offers reliable, high performance HA/DR solutions that fulfill the needs of practically every organization, no matter how large, complex or unique its IT environment may be.