Customer story

Real estate websites enhance user experience with data for interactive map-based visualization

For modern real estate businesses, data is a competitive differentiator. Agents and brokerages need to support homebuyers’ decisions by offering information about everything from school catchment areas to neighborhood lifestyle characteristics. One firm that develops real estate websites partnered with Precisely to incorporate neighborhood, subdivision, school and demographic data into the online maps featured on the sites it provides. By giving homebuyers more detailed information, the brokerages that use this firm’s services are improving their chances of success.

Real estate is a high-stakes business, in terms of both dollar value and impact on people’s lives. Individuals’ homebuying decisions may affect their children’s educational opportunities, proximity to social networks, access to parks or nightlife, and many other facets of their day-to-day experience. The more they know going into a real estate transaction, the better. Successful real estate professionals know that offering homebuyers as much information as they can about a home’s location is critical.

One growing technology company that specializes in providing websites to small and midsize brokerages understands that location data is a competitive differentiator in this market. The website developer was looking to improve the level of available detail within the sites it produces. It wanted the ability to illustrate on a map which neighborhood boundary a particular home falls into, identify which schools it is assigned, estimate commute times and offer other similar facts. To do so, it needed a location data partner.