Customer story

Primedia Outdoor Uses Location Intelligence Solutions to Help Clients Visualize Marketing Plans

Multi-channel marketing has become the standard for marketers and advertisers. This has created a complex, dynamic landscape, with marketers spreading their budgets across various media. Primedia Outdoor needed to find a way to deliver innovative, location-based information that would help them earn a greater share of marketing dollars from their existing clients and attract new ones.

Multi-channel marketing has created serious challenges for the outdoor advertising market. Marketers have been spending more on other media channels, such as digital, apps, TV and news, versus spending on traditional outdoor advertising. In a data-driven era, the main challenge confronting Primedia Outdoor was being able to demonstrate the performance of outdoor advertising against other media channels. The company’s clients needed to see this data to justify their use of outdoor advertising. Without it, they were more likely to spend their marketing dollars elsewhere.

Primedia Outdoor uses Location Intelligence solutions to help clients visualize marketing plans