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Customer Story

No Customer is Left Behind with Precisely’s Managed Services

A multi-billion dollar media company broadcasts music, comedy, sports, talk, news and weather channels in the United States on a subscription fee basis through two proprietary satellite radio systems, as well as the Internet.  The majority of their subscribers are reached through car radio. This company approached Precisely’s Managed Services to establish a comprehensive, end-to-end data quality monitoring framework to support its data governance initiative, and to ensure accurate, consistent and reliable information processing across its data operations.

The core marketing platform was being replaced in order to maintain accurate information. It was imperative the new process would work as expected, so this media company selected Precisely to manage their data operation 24x7x365 to ensure continuous process improvement. There were three primary drivers of the data governance initiative for the Next Generation Marketing Platform (NextGen):

  • No Customer Left Behind: Accurate and reliable marketing campaigns
  • Mitigate Reputation Risk: Increase retention rates and improve customer service
  • Reduce Financial Risk: Improve operational efficiency and decrease operating costs

Utilizing Precisely’s Managed Services, the following goals were created:

  • Identified areas of information risk and set up Precisely controls across the data operations (NextGen marketing
    and campaigns)
  • Performed analysis of the sub-systems, processes and interface level information exchanges associated with
    the NextGen marketing platforms
  • Identified gaps and implemented best-in-class continuous controls and dashboards to improve efficiency and
    effectiveness of the process over time, and improve subscription revenue
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 support for entire BI solutions stack

Read more about how within just 3 months of implementation, Precisely’s Managed Services helped this multi-billion dollar media company find and mitigate errors in critical marketing data, resulting in effective and reliable campaign management.