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Customer Story

Mundi Westport Group

Mundi-Westport uses Assure MIMIX for AIX to backup server data and troubleshoot problems

Mundi Westport Group manufactures and distributes leather goods under the names Mundi, Kenneth Cole, Sag Harbor and Joseph Abboud. It sells 20 million products annually. Information collected during the pick and pack process is used to invoice customers. If Mundi Westport’ AIX-based Power 520 server is unavailable the company cannot complete these activities.

Mundi Westport Group’s AIX-based systems operate around the clock. But what happens if something goes wrong with the production server? If the company depended only on nightly tape-based backups, recovery times would be unacceptable.  What’s more, recovery from tape would be incomplete. Any data updates applied during the day would not be on the previous night’s backup and, therefore, might be lost.

In addition, tape-based backups are designed to recover data after a disaster. They do little or nothing to solve the much more frequent “oops moments” when someone accidentally deletes data or when a glitch corrupts data. Mundi Westport Group needed a way to solve these problems.

Mundi Westport Group sends the orders it receives to a warehouse where the necessary items are picked, scanned into the system and packed into boxes. The information collected during this process is used to bill customers and to track shipments. If Mundi Westport Group’s systems are unavailable, the company cannot complete these activities.

Downtime is costly for the company. During the busy season, which lasts from July until November, the company typically ships 5,000 to 10,000 cartons a day. Last October alone, it packed more than 150,000 cartons.  Beyond the threat of downtime, the company must also protect its critical data. Like most companies, Mundi Westport Group performs nightly backups. However, if the company’s online data were destroyed just before a new backup tape was to be
created, a full day’s worth of data could be lost because it would not yet be captured on any backup tape.