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Customer Story

How a Multiutility Company Utilizes EngageOne™ Technology to Increase Their Customer Satisfaction


The Italian gas and energy market is in great turmoil because over the last year it has changed from protected to free even for private users. This event generated the need to produce new offers from market players and to quickly make contractual documentation available to their customers in paper or digital format. This top-tier multiutility company was looking for a solution that would allow it to produce quality documents in the shortest possible time. Timing is the most important element that companies must deal with in customer facing processes.


To meet customer expectations, the company needed to find a solution that would:

  • Enable the creation of PDFs composed by dynamicand static documents
  • Create the output document in “near real-time”
  • Reduce the time and cost to create and modify contractual documents
  • Manage document history
  • Integrate with the existing CRM systems (both cloud and in-house)

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