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Customer Story

Midwestern Utility Executes an Innovative Enterprise Data Strategy

This midwestern, regional utility company utilities, this company had a wealth of data, but lacked a cohesive strategy for data management and governance. Data assets were siloed and underutilized, processes lacked automation and efficiency, and the reporting was inadequate. The company needed an enterprise data strategy that would help them to leverage their data assets, ensure quality and mitigate regulatory compliance risks.

Precisely Data360 furnished a framework for data governance, delivering dashboards and reporting features for operational transparency, while providing data quality across the enterprise.

This regional utility provider was looking for a data strategy to improve the visibility, quality and value of their enterprise’s data assets. In this highly regulated industry, the company recognized the need for better data governance of their data, including lineage to substantiate data authenticity. One example of a high- priority need was comprehensive analytics to support rate changes with the consumer regulatory boards.

The business opportunity was driven by the following factors:

  • Data was siloed within various locations and systems across the pre- existing enterprise
  • No data governance solution in place
  • Definitions of critical terms were inconsistent across different business areas (e.g., what is a “customer?”). Existing analysis and reporting were manually generated and cobbled from various sources.
  • Data consumers desired better transparency around data governance, quality and availability

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