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Customer Story

Major Auto Manufacturer Drives Digital Transformation with PIM

Learn how leaders in the auto manufacturer industry leverage EnterWorks PIM to ensure data quality, meet industry standards, and provide a differentiated customer experience.

An evolving industry

As digitization sweeps across B2B and B2C, the way automotive parts are sold has undergone a revolution. Now, everyone from counter clerks to installers and even automotive hobbyists demand easy access to in-depth information about the parts they are interested in. To be competitive in this crowded and evolving marketplace, companies must provide in-depth descriptions, high-quality images, product-specific data and other valuable marketing materials and guides to demonstrate the quality of their products and services.

Meeting data standards

Beyond meeting increasing customer demands for product content, there’s also data standards to consider. To ensure the quality and standardization of auto parts data, the Auto Care Association has created the Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) and Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard (ACES). These standards, among others, help deliver auto parts data for the needs of warehouses, category management systems, stores and end users all at once. An auto manufacturer must ensure that their product information meets all the requirements of the major industry standardizations, including delivery and data quality.

Solution selection

The major auto manufacturer realized they needed a new strategy and solution to compete on content with rich and consistent experiences. Yet with over 17,000 part numbers and 4,000 catalog products, the company was challenged to manage its extensive list of products without a centralized, flexible database or system. All product information was “trapped” in static catalog files, with no ability to leverage and update product attributes, values or relationships.

Furthermore, the company wanted to update its website, including digitizing and organizing existing catalog data and adding fresh images. The new website navigation would rely on accurate faceting, allowing users to explore product information by applying various relevant filters.

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