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Customer Story

Comprehensive High Quality Location Data Gives Digital Assistant a Competitive Edge

The provider of one of the world’s most popular voice-activated digital assistants needed to improve the quality of geographic data underpinning its global knowledge base. The company chose a combination of Precisely datasets. Sourcing comprehensive location data information from a single provider minimizes the staff time required to maintain the data feed.

Utilizing top-quality location data from Precisely gives this digital assistant a competitive advantage by improving the quality of its answers to consumer questions.


How long should I bake a cake?  What is the current temperature in Warsaw, Poland?  Consumers love being able to ask these (and millions of other) questions about all kinds of people, places and things — and to receive an immediate answer. That’s why the market for voice-activated digital assistants has ballooned over the past few years. It’s also why companies that produce these systems emphasize the quality of the data in proprietary knowledge bases.

Digital assistants must provide the most accurate and complete information possible. The more frequently a device is stumped by a question or provides an incorrect answer, the less frequently consumers will engage with it. Thus, every digital assistant vendor has dozens of specialized teams honing its content in niche topic areas from cooking to sports to the weather.

For one of the world’s most popular digital assistants, geography underpins all the other information in the knowledge base. Location data — from continent to neighborhood, and everything in between — forms an information baseline on
top of which the system layers every other fact. The company that produces this digital assistant found that it was answering U.S.-focused questions very effectively. However, staff lacked confidence in its ability to navigate global differences in mapping practices, political boundaries or variations in terminology.