Customer story

Location data gives digital assistant a competitive edge

The provider of one of the world’s most popular voice-activated digital assistants needed to improve the quality of geographic data underpinning its global knowledge base. The company chose a combination of Precisely datasets. Sourcing comprehensive location information from a single data provider minimizes the staff time required to maintain the data feed.


Utilizing top-quality data from Precisely gives this digital assistant a competitive advantage by improving the quality of its answers to consumer questions:


  • How long should I bake a cake?
  • What is the current temperature in Warsaw, Poland?

Consumers love being able to ask these (and millions of other) questions about all kinds of people, places and things — and to receive an immediate answer. That’s why the market for voice-activated digital assistants has ballooned over the past few years. It’s also why companies that produce these systems emphasize the quality of the data in proprietary knowledge bases.