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Kellogg Company Streamlines Customer Data Management with Precisely Automate

Kellogg Company has been bringing people together around the table for more than 100 years. Their story started with the creation of the first-ever breakfast cereal, and today their brand portfolio has expanded to include frozen foods, snacks, and other breakfast staples.

With all this success and growth, it’s no surprise that the company has vast amounts of customer data to manage – but the team wasn’t satisfied with their Excel-based solution, which was creating audit and customer relationship issues caused by routing inconsistencies.

Kellogg Company


Julie Priebe, Data Integrity Manager for Kellogg Company, was looking for a way to simplify customer master data management processes, and empower business users to get work done faster. With Priebe’s team focusing on customer, product, and pricing, they knew that the continued risk of incorrect invoices going out to customers wasn’t sustainable.

Precisely Automate turned those routing issues around, with particularly high value being found in the forms tool.

“It allows you so much flexibility to build in data governance, to route correctly to your business users,” says Priebe. “You can send it to the whole team, just part of the team, you can say, ‘start with this person that doesn’t have a big workload’ – and those kinds of flexibilities really allow us to get the work done.”

In a fast-paced environment like Kellogg Company, the time savings from Precisely Automate made all the difference – as did the integrated nature of the software. Streamlined processes have given team members a sense of business ownership, making it easier to accomplish what they need to do and meet deadlines.

Not to mention, the software has also helped to resolve those previously troubling audit issues, and improved business KPI’s.

It’s clear that Kellogg Company has a deep commitment to quality and innovation, and when it was time for the company to take its data processes to the next level, it needed a solution that held itself to the same standards.

Priebe has been happy not only with the business outcomes from Precisely, but the collaboration along the way as well.

“I really also appreciate the full support that we got to make sure that not only did you create a good tool, but you want to make sure customers are really successful with it. And it was very obvious, and I think that’s the big advantage.”

Watch the video to find out more about how Precisely Automate made customer data management simpler and faster for Kellogg Company.